Power Facilities

Stronghold’s power-generation facilities convert coal refuse into power that is used to mine Bitcoin. Coal refuse is classified by Pennsylvania as a Tier II alternative energy resource (equivalent to large-scale hydropower), and the process of converting it into power allows for the reclamation of large geographic areas that have been ravaged by its presence.

This once-unusable waste material was left in expansive piles throughout the area because the technology did not exist to efficiently burn it. Today, circulating fluidized bed technology allows for the efficient and emissions-controlled conversion of coal refuse into energy.

Scrubgrass Plant

  • Generation capacity of 85 MW
  • Located on a 650-acre site in Scrubgrass Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania

Panther Creek Plant

  • Generation capacity of 80 MW
  • Located on a 33-acre site in the Borough of Nesquehoning, Carbon County, Pennsylvania