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March 21, 2024

Bitcoin halving will be a litmus test for inefficient ops: Mining execs

Coin Telegraph 


March 21, 2024

Adapt or perish: How Bitcoin miners need to prepare for halving – Stronghold CEO Greg Beard

Kitco News


March 19, 2024

Bitcoin Halving Is a ‘Show Me the Money’ Moment for Miners



February 23, 2024

Crypto miner ire over EIA survey bubbles over to the courtroom



February 23, 2024

‘No Guarantee’ Bitcoin Halving Will Be Favorable for Miners: Riot Platforms



January 16, 2024

Greg Beard: The Bitcoin ETF Decision is the Holy Grail of Crypto

GN Crypto 


January 12, 2024

Ether rises 16% in a week as investors see path to its own spot ETF: CNBC Crypto World



January 11, 2024

Why the debut of Bitcoin ETFs may not be the best news for crypto stocks, futures ETFs



December 12, 2023

Crypto: Bitcoin’s 2023 recovery driven by ETF optimism



November 22, 2023

Crypto’s Reasons To Be Thankful (November Issue)



November 14, 2023

Stronghold Digital Mining plans big carbon capture project

Pittsburgh Business Times 


August 21, 2023 

1 big thing: An argument for green bitcoin mining

Axios Crypto


August 17, 2023 

Crypto mining stocks may be better option than Coinbase given regulatory pressure on virtual currency exchanges



June 27, 2023

Pennsylvania House committee unexpectedly drops well setback, bitcoin mining bills

Pittsburgh Business Times


May 31, 2023

Bitcoin miners have averted a tax crisis for now, but the threat still looms for the ‘energy-hungry crypto kings’



May 11, 2023 

Bitcoin Mining Earnings Wrap: Marathon Shares Underperform After New SEC Subpoena



March 29, 2023

Bitcoin Miner Stronghold Raises Year-End Hashrate Guidance to 4 EH/s



March 29, 2023 

Stronghold Digital Mining sees reason for optimism after rough year in crypto

Pittsburgh Business Times


March 2, 2023

Bitcoin Miners Are Starting to Emerge From Brutal Crypto Winter



February 16, 2023

Stronghold Digital Mining CEO on Latest Debt Restructuring Deal | Video | CoinDesk

CoinDesk TV


February 7, 2023 

Bitcoin Miner Stronghold Announces Agreement Changes with WhiteHawk Finance, Foundry

Bitcoin Magazine


February 7, 2023

Cutting Costs and Joining Forces, Bitcoin Miners Hoping for Rebound



February 7, 2023

Bitcoin Miner Stronghold Digital Restructures Remaining $55M of Debt



February 7, 2023

Bitcoin Miner Stronghold Restructures Debt to Improve Liquidity



October 14, 2022

Bitcoin miner Stronghold is clearing away piles of coal waste in Pennsylvania to power bitcoin mining

Axios Crypto


October 13, 2022

How waste from old coal mine is powering a Bitcoin mine in a Pennsylvania town



May 31, 2022

RealLIST Connectors: These are the 100 influential leaders to know in Pittsburgh tech


April 28, 2022

Transforming coal waste into energy to mine bitcoin



March 22, 2022

U.S. company devises method to use coal waste to power crypto



March 20, 2022

Margins of Up to 90% Give Energy Firms That Mine Bitcoin an Edge



March 16, 2022 

Bitcoin will hit $200K in 5 years, predicts a superstar Apollo energy investor turned crypto miner



January 25, 2022

Bitcoin operation ignites debate around the waste from coal mining in Pennsylvania

ABC News