Mining Waste Powers the Reclamation Cycle

Mining waste (coal refuse) is the legacy of centuries of coal mining – mountainous piles that pollute the environment through acid mine drainage, spontaneous fires, and uncontrolled emissions. Our operations remove mining waste and convert the waste into power at our two reclamation and power generation facilities. We have reclaimed and returned over 1,050 acres of once-blighted land to local communities. 

Mining Waste – The disregarded byproduct of centuries of coal mining

mining waste piles
piles burning continually
acres of land covered
million tons of mining waste

Mining waste piles catch fire through oxidation and lightning strikes – nearly 7 million tons of mining waste burn each year in Pennsylvania in uncontrolled fires, releasing about 9 million tons of CO2 without any emissions control. Acid mine drainage from mining waste piles is one of the largest sources of water pollution in Pennsylvania, impairing over 5,500 miles of waterways, poisoning aquatic life, and running rivers orange. Due to the harm these waste piles pose, mining waste, or “waste coal,” is classified as a Tier II renewable energy source by the state of Pennsylvania, equivalent to a major hydro plant. We receive alternative energy credits and waste coal tax credits.

We work with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to remove hundreds of thousands of tons of mining waste, remediate billions of gallons of waterways, and reclaim the environment.